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Q: Why have so many of the new nations that emerged pver the past half century struggled economically?
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What is one major goal of U.S. economic foreign policy?

Reducing trade barriers

Are Nations increasingly economically independent today?


Identify all of the nations that emerged after World War 1?

The nations the emerged after WW1 are: Austria Hungary Czechoslovakia Poland Ukraine Lithuania Latvia Estonia Finland Yugoslavia

Why was Germany viewed as one of the world's most advanced and developed nations at the turn of the century?

Germany was viewed as one of the world's most advanced and developed nations at the turn of the century due to their rapid growth militarily, economically, and research fields. They were challenging many of the other European powers at the time, including Britain and France.

What nations emerged from the conflict as world powers?

U.S. and Soviet Union.

How do the US and other nations primarily cooperate economically?

By forming trade blocs

What was true about the independent nations of Latin America?

The independent nations of Latin America emerged from colonial rule in the early 19th century through revolutions and wars of independence. They were established as sovereign states, free from European colonial control. However, many of these nations faced challenges such as political instability, economic dependence, and social inequalities.

What did imperialist nations have in common in the 19th century?

The imperialist nations have in common in the 19th century was that they were industrialized.

Why was it important for the US to become economically self sufficient?

To reduce dependence on foreign nations.

How was the US economically tied to the western European nations after World War 1?


What nations emerged from World War 2 as world powers were?

USA & Soviet Union

Why were programs such as peace corps and alliance for progress created?

to economically and politically strengthen developing nations