Why is a half of two one whole?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Think of it like this, there are 2 cookies left for you and your friend. You want half of what is there. Half of 2 is 1, right? Half of 2 is not 1/2 because that would be half of 1. Two halves make one whole

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Q: Why is a half of two one whole?
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Is the fraction three fifths closer to zero one half one whole one whole and a half or two whole?

One half.

Why is a half of 2 1 whole?

2 is 2 wholes. It can be broken into two pieces of 1 whole. One of those two pieces is one whole. Half of 2 is 1.

How many whole notes equals half notes?

Two half notes equal one whole notes.

Is half an adverb?

No, it is not. Half is a noun meaning one of two parts, or equal parts of a whole.

How many half notes fit in one whole note?


One whole rest equals how many half rests?


Does 2 halves make a whole?

yes, in the mathematical sense. In a practical sense, perhaps not. A half dozen eggs and a half gallon of milk does not make a whole of anything. Neither does two shank halves of ham make a whole ham nor two half-sisters make one whole sister.

How many quarter notes are equal to one half note?

Nope, two quarters equals one half. Four quarters is one whole one. Just as you'd expect.

What is half of 2 cups?

One cup. Lets look at it in parts. If I have two cups, have of two is one. Take two Twinkies cut each in half, and you still have one whole Twinkie to give someone.

How many tenths are in half one whole?

half of one whole = 5/10

What do you do if your in a room with a table?

jump on the table and it will break in half two make one whole

What note is a down whole step from c?

B flat. I picture it on the piano, one key is one semi-tone or half a tone. Two of these makes one whole tone, or one whole step. One half step down from C would be the note B, another half step would then go to B flat. That is one whole step.