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Because a rhombus is not a diamond. Really, a diamond isn't a real shape.

'Diamond' is from decks of cards, 'Rhombus' is from Math. BTW, a rhombus is a parallelogram* with opposite acute** and obtuse*** angles and all four sides are the same length.

*opposite sides of the shape are parallel

**less than 90

***more than 90 degrees

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Q: Why is a rhombus not called a diamond?
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What is a diamond called in maths?

A rhombus. A rhombus. A rhombus. A rhombus.

What is a rhombus usually called?

A rhombus is often called a diamond.

What is a diamond shaped polygon called?

a rhombus

What other names for a rhombus?

Also called a Diamond or Lozenge. A rhombus with right angles is called a square.

What is a diamond called in mathematical terms?

In mathematical terms it's called a rhombus.

Is a diamond a square or a rhombus?

A diamond is not a square, but a square is a diamond. A diamond is another name for rhombus.

What do you call a rhombus shape?

Diamond Or cone * * * * * Partly correct. A rhombus can be called a diamond or a parallelogram or a quadrilateral. However, a rhombus is a 2-dimensional figure whereas a cone is 3-dimensional so you certainly could not call a rhombus a cone.

What is a sort of diamond shape called?

It could be called a kite, a rhombus or a square. This depends on the perspective, length and angles of the diamond.

Is a diamond now called a rhombus?

A rhombus is simply a 4 sided shape (quadrilateral) with all 4 sides having the same length. It is often called a diamond since it looks the the diamond that in on playing cards. Squares are one type of rhombus where all the angles are 90 degrees (right angles.)

What is the difference between diamond and rhombus?

Diamond is another name for rhombus.

Is a rhombus different than a diamond?

No, a rhombus is thinner than a diamond.

What is a quadrilateral with all sides he same length sometimes called a diamond?