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There are two ways (pathways) that the blood clots. One is the intrinsic and the other is the extrinsic. There are clotting factors (about 13) that are unique to both pathways. The PT measures one pathway while the PTT measures the other. There are also factors that both pathways share or have in common. By testing both the PT and PTT, you are esentially testing for all the clotting factors collectively without ruling out a specific factor which is very expensive to test. Now, these are usually performed prior to a surgery in order to let the surgeons know if there is a bleeding risk to the patient. This process doesn't include other factors that have to do with the clotting process like platelets counts, platelet aggregation tests (bleeding time), or biochemical imbalances like calcium deficiencys.

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Q: Why is it important to run a PT and PTT on any sample for a thrombophilia workup?
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