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That depends on the type of career you are considering. But almost no matter what you do, at least a basic knowledge of math is important.

Math is a language that can be used to give quantitative assessments of things. If you think that will never matter, keep in mind that you do this every time you buy something and then are given change. In life you will have to pay taxes, make budgets, get to work on time and perhaps even make decisions on salary or bus schedules.

Additionally, many every day decisions require some knowledge of mathematics. real estate agents or lawyers might be required to calculate square footages, or you might just need to understand whether or not to plan a picnic given a "30% chance of rain." Most of the computer-based sciences -- web programing or design -- require basic mathematics on a daily basis. The same with engineering, medicine, or finance. Even cooking. Or maybe you'll just want to know how useful an election prediction is with a "+/-3 chance of error."

Having said all of that, I will admit, things not everything you might learn in math class now will be important later in life, but just like you won't get far in life not knowing how to read, you also won't get far not knowing how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and answer basic math questions.

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Q: Why is math important to your future?
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