Why is the quadratic sequence significant?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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It is no more or n less significant than many other sequences.

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Q: Why is the quadratic sequence significant?
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Is quadratic sequence exponential function?

No. It is a sequence for which the rule is a quadratic expression.

Is a geometric progression a quadratic sequence?

A geometric sequence is : a•r^n while a quadratic sequence is a• n^2 + b•n + c So the answer is no, unless we are talking about an infinite sequence of zeros which strictly speaking is both a geometric and a quadratic sequence.

Is geometric and quadratic sequence same?


What number comes next in the sequence -1 0 1 8?

You cant solve the next term (next number) in this sequence. You need more terms, because this is either a "quadratic sequence", or a "linear and quadratic sequence", and you need more terms than this to solve a "linear and quadratic sequence" and for this particular "quadratic sequence" you would need more terms to solve nth term, which would solve what the next number is. If this is homework, check with your teacher if he wrote the wrong sum.

How do you find out the formula for a Quadratic Sequence?

A quadratic sequence is when the difference between two terms changes each step. To find the formula for a quadratic sequence, one must first find the difference between the consecutive terms. Then a second difference must be found by finding the difference between the first consecutive differences.

What sequence is formed from difference of differences between terms of a sequence?

These are called the second differences. If they are all the same (non-zero) then the original sequence is a quadratic.

How do you justify a quadratic sequence and ensure that it is correct?

It isn't clear what you want to justify.

What is the nth term rule of the quadratic sequence below8,16,26,38,52,68,86,..?

94 and you skip it by 8's

What is the nth term rule of the quadratic sequence below4,6,10,16,24,34,46sorry for asking a lot of questions?

nevermind i got it!!

Is the sequence 2 3 5 8 12 arithmetic or geometric?

It is neither. It is a quadratic sequence. Un = (x2 - x + 4)/2 for n = 1, 2, 3, ...

What is A Quadratic Sequence?

A Quadratic Sequence is when the difference between two terms changes each step. However the secondary difference (the difference between each primary difference.) is always the same. E.G. 6 9 14 21 +3 +5 +7 primary difference.(changes) +2 +2 secondary difference(stays the same) this is not a linear sequence in which the primary difference stays the same. another way to visualise this is on a graph. if you plotted a quadratic sequence onto a graph there would be a curve. a linear sequence would be a straight line. hope this helps. Thanks To harisdagr8 for his help.

What is the next number in the sequence 2 5 21?

50. Fit the quadratic Un = 6.5n2 - 16.5n + 12