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It's because the name is guaranteed to be specific only to one animal. There is the genus name, which tells you from what general species the animal came from, and then the second name which specifies which animal in particular it is.

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Q: Why is the system of binomial nomenclature a good way to name organism?
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What is the two word name that each organisms is called?

First, the name that you mention can be called, "Binomial (2-name) Nomenclature (name)", Latin name, or scientific name.The first word, always capitalized, is the 'genus' (not genius).The second and third words, never capitalized, is the species and (sometimes) the subspecies. The name is either written in Italics, or underlined. A good example of that is the binomial nomenclature for humans: Homo sapiens sapiens. The subspecies word is often surrounded by parentheses.By the way, "homo" means "man or human" in Latin, and "sapiens" means "wise one or smart one".

Who gives an organism its scientific name?

An organism's scientific name is typically given by taxonomists, who are scientists specializing in classifying and naming organisms. The scientific name consists of a genus and species name, following the binomial nomenclature system introduced by Carl Linnaeus.

Why the frogs have the urogenital system instead of separate urinary system and reproduction system?

good question.. because it is a simple organism

Binomial nomenclature of papaya?

The papaya is a tropical fruit native of Central America. In its ripe for, the flesh of this fruit is of a bright orange-pink color. Its small black seeds are edible, although rarely used, the enzyme contained in these seeds, called 'papain' is good for tenderizing meats.

What is a good example for unicellular organism and multicellular organism?

You are a good example of a multicellular organism and Escherichia coli, the microorganism living symbiotically in your intestine, is a good example of a unicellular organism.

What is the definition of taxonomy?

a method of grouping organisms a way of classifying organisms

Why was there a keen interest in a good method of classifying plants in the 1700s?

there was so much material coming on plants

How can you approximate a binomial distribution to a poison distribution when the number of binomial trials became large enough?

The Poisson distribution with parameter np will be a good approximation for the binomial distribution with parameters n and p when n is large and p is small. For more details See related link below

The endocrine system is integrated with what other system to provide coordinated control of the organism?

Nervous and Endocrine system are working together to maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis is a part of a system wherein it is needed to be balanced for your internal body will remain stable or in a good condition.

Is a relationship that is good for one organism?

yes, a relationship is good for one organism but many times there are two organisms that are share a relationship...

Is vibrio cholerae a bacterium organism?

Yes, Vibrio Cholerae is a bacterium organism that is not good for you.

Why a name such as catfish is not a good scientific name?

The name "catfish" is not a good scientific name because it is a common name that does not adhere to the standardized naming conventions used in scientific classification. Scientific names, known as binomial nomenclature, follow a specific format to ensure consistency and clarity in identifying organisms across languages and regions. Therefore, using a common name like "catfish" can lead to confusion, as there are many different species of fish that can be referred to as "catfish" in various locations.