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0 represents that is will never happen. It means that there is no probability that it will happen. 1 represents that is is certain to happen. You cannot be more certain than definitely certain, and something cannot be less probable than not at all.

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Q: Why probability always lays 0 to 1?
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Probabilty always a fraction?

Not always because probability has a range from 1 to 0

Can 1.290994449 be a probability?

No. Probability is measured on a score of 0 to 1, which represents 0% (can never happen) to 100% (always happens).

Range of values for proportion and probability?

A proportion is usually between 0 and 1. A probability is always between 0 and 1, inclusive; 0 being impossible and 1 being certain.

Can the probability of an outcome be greater that one?

No. The probability of an outcome (or event) is always a number between 0 and 1.

Is probability always a fraction?

Only when an event is probability to happen between a range of 1 to 0 then it is a fraction.

Probability of an impossible event is?

an impossible event has a probability of 0, it will never occur a certain event has a probability of 1, it will always occur

Can -1 be a probability?

no it can be probability can be between 0 to 1.

Is it true that the probability of an event is always a real number in the interval 0 1?


Are the probability values always greater than or equal to 0 or less than or equal to 1 or all positive numbers?

Probability values are never negative and are always between 0-1 according to the definition Probability of A= Number of outcomes classified as A/Total number of possible outcomes

Why the probability can never be 1 or less than 0?

Probability of 0 is impossible, and 1 is certain. So, probability must be between 0 and 1, inclusive.

Does a negative z score yield a negative probability value?

no, z score can be negative but a probability is a always positive between 0 and 1.

What are the limitation of the probability?

Probability of an even must lie in the closed interval [0, 1].Probability of an even must lie in the closed interval [0, 1].Probability of an even must lie in the closed interval [0, 1].Probability of an even must lie in the closed interval [0, 1].

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