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Power factor can also be equal to 1. Power is greatest when voltage and current are in phase; the "power factor" is used to specify how much less the power is, compared to the product of voltage x current, if they are not.

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Q: Why should always be power factor less than 1?
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How do you calculate power factor kvr?

Power Factor = KVA/KW. This has no unit. Its value is always 1 or less.

How much can you power on a 2.5kva generator?

It can supply 2.5 kW to a load with a power factor of 1. Otherwise the power available must be multiplied by the power factor which is always less than 1. If uncertain assume 0.8 which makes it 2 kW.

What is the purpose of power factor correction?

Power factor correction is a process that has to do with managing the essential traits of electric loads that are used to create a power factor of less than one.

What is the Measurement of power energy power factor?

Power - Watt. Energy - Watt Hour. Power factor - no unit. just number less than or equal to 1.

What is the relation between power factor and frequency for purpose of parallel operation of alternator?

No relation is there power factor is a unit less quantity.

Is the greatest common factor of a pair of numbers always equal to or less?

Always equal to or less than the smaller number, yes.

What is a correction factor capacitor?

i know that static capacitors are used to improve the power factor. power factor should be high. Static capacitor supplies lagging reactive power. That means; the current I has 2 components they are magnetising Im (watless or waste current) and useful current Iw. Iw is in phase with voltage and Im is 90 degree away. Phase angle between them is phi 1. power factor is given by cosine of phi 1. phi angle should be less so that cosine of phi is high. To make phi angle less we use capacitor; this is nothing but power factor correction and capacitor used for this is called power factor correction capacitor. now when a capacitor is connected, it induces a current Ic 180 out of phase from Im and less in magnitude from Im. therefore, now the magnetising current is Im1=Im-Ic. due to this the phase angle reduces to phi 2. now the new power factor is cosine of phi 2. it is improved power factor.

Can direct current kW be converted to KVA?

With a dc system the kW are always equal to the kV times the amps. It's only with ac that the kW are usually less than the kVA by a factor called the power factor.

How mach load is used 100kva transformer?

i will try my best to answer this quistion, but u must not mind if i make a mistake! >>> the rating of an elctrical machine depend upon the loses in it. if, there are any losses in the machine due to power factor than the machine will b rated in KW and if there is no loss due to power factor than the machine is rated in KVA. so there are no losses in a transformer due to power factor so it is rated in KVA. as the KW= KVA* power factor so, kVA= KW/power factor here, KVA=100 so, KW= 100*power factor u can derive from here that the load on a transformer depends upon the power factor. as the power is always less than unity so the load will be less than 100KW. thankyou!

What is penalty factor in power systems?

Is equal to or less than 1

How many amps does 500kw at 600volt 3 phase use?

481 amps if the load has a power factor of 1, but if the power factor is less than one (e.g. if it's a motor) you also have to divide by the power factor.

What is the efficiency of 1.5 KVA inverter?

It can supply up to 1.5 kW into a load with a perfect power factor like a convector heater, or less if the power factor is less than 1. For example a motor might have a power factor of 0.75, then only 1125 watts could be used, in other words about 1.5 horse-power.