Words with the prefix sept

Updated: 9/17/2023
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septa, septage, septal, septaria, septarian, septarium, septate, septation, septavalent, septcentenary, septenaries, septennia, septennial, septenium, septet, septic, septicemia, septivity, septillion, septimal, septimes, septivslent, septoria, septs, septuagenarian, septum, septuple, septuplet

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Q: Words with the prefix sept
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What is the prefix for 7?

sept- sept-

What is the meaning of the prefix Sept?

The prefix "sept" typically means seven, derived from the Latin "septem."

What prefix means seven?


What are the prefix's for all?

7 = hept- sept-

What prefix word means seven?

Sept or hept

What does the prefix sept mean?

The prefix sept- is anything pertaining to, containing, or connected with seven. For example, the name Septimus is usually given to a seventh child born in a family.

What is prefix of septic?

The root word sept means seven. This is shown in septet and septennial.

Are their words that have the prefix or?

Yes, there are words with the prefix "or." For example, "order," "organize," and "oracle" are some common words that contain the prefix "or."

What words start with the prefix im or in?

Words with the prefix -im:immaterialimmatureimmobileimmortalimpartialimperfectimpossibleimpracticalimproperWords with the prefix -in:inaccurateinactiveincalculableincapableincapacitateinconceivableindescribableindiscriminateindivisibleineffectiveingrowninvisibleinvoluntary

What is some words with the prefix of ag?

Words with the prefix ag:AgricultureAgeAghastAgentAgonizeAglowAgileAgapes

What is 17647 in french words?

dix-sept mille six cent quarante-sept

What words that have the prefix en?

Some words with the prefix 'en' are:enableenamoredencapsulateenchantencyclopediaencodeendureenergyengageenhanceenigmaenjoinenjoyenlargeenlightenennobleenrollensembleensureenterpriseentertainentityentourageentranceenunciateenvelope