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560 is a multiple of 7. It goes in 80 times. 91 is a multiple of 7. It goes in 13 times.

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Q: Are any of the numbers 91 834 and 560 a multiple of 7?
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What numbers are evenly divisible by 560?

Any number of the form 560*k where k is an integer.

Can two even numbers have a greatest common multiple of 1?

The greatest common multiple of any set of numbers is infinite. The greatest common multiple of any set of numbers will never be one.

Is 1 a multiple of any numbers?

1 is only a multiple of itself.

Can you find the greatest common multiple of two numbers?

The greatest common multiple of any two numbers is infinite.

What are the following numbers is a common multiple of 8 and 10?

Any multiple of 40.

What is the greatest common multiple of 1215and18?

There is no greatest common multiple of these numbers... or indeed of any pair of numbers. Once you get a common multiple, you can multiply that by any integer, as large as you want, to get a larger common multiple.

What two numbers have 23 and 5 as factors?

Their least common multiple (or their product - any multiple will do), and any multiple of that.

Can any two numbers have a common multiple?


What numbers are divisible by seven?

any multiple of 7

What is numbers are divisible by 123456789?

Any multiple of 2520.

What numbers have the factor of 4?

Any multiple of 4.

What is the greatest common multiple of 16 28 and 40?

There is really no such thing as a "greatest common multiple". Once you find the least common multiple of a set of numbers, you can keep adding the LCM to itself over and over again. Each new number you get will be a common multiple of your set of numbers, but each new number will always be larger than the previous. This means that you can keep adding while the number approaches infinity and you will still never find a greatest multiple.

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