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The incidence of toxoplasmosis in newborns is one in 1,000 live births.

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Q: How common is toxoplasmosis?
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The most common form of encephalitis in AIDS patients is associated with what protozoan?


When pregnant why are woman not able to get near cat litter boxes?

Cats are toxoplasmosis carriers and toxoplasmosis is dangerous for foetuses except if the mother has already had toxoplasmosis.

Can you catch toxoplasmosis from mouse feces in your home?

You can catch toxoplasmosis from mice feces in your home. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease that pets can carry, especially cats.

What has the author Jacob Karl Frenkel written?

Jacob Karl Frenkel has written: 'Toxoplasmosis' -- subject(s): Toxoplasmosis, Brain, Diseases 'Toxoplasmosis; pathology of neonatal disease, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment' -- subject(s): Toxoplasmosis

What portion of the population is infected with toxoplasmosis?

Up to one-third of all people are infected with toxoplasmosis.

What are newborns with toxoplasmosis treated with?

Newborns with symptoms of toxoplasmosis are treated with pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine for one year.

What has the author Didier Hentsch written?

Didier Hentsch has written: 'Toxoplasmosis' -- subject(s): Toxoplasmosis

What parasite is most commonly transmitted from pets to humans from feces?

TOXOPLASMOSIS A parasite most commonly transmitted from animals (pets) to humans by contact with contaminated faces.

What has the author Anssi Tenhunen written?

Anssi Tenhunen has written: 'Glandular toxoplasmosis' -- subject(s): Toxoplasmosis

Spiramycin dose for treating toxoplasmosis during pregnancy?

Spiramycin dose for treating toxoplasmosis during pregnancy

Is toxoplasmosis a virus?

It is a virus

Where is toxoplasmosis found?