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It is not possible for any multiple of a Prime number to be prime.

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Q: Is it possible for a multiple of 13 greater then 13 to be a prime number?
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Why is every prime number greater then 2 an odd number?

Because if they were even they would be a multiple of 2 and thus not prime.

What is the greater common factor of any prime number and composite number?

Usually it's 1, unless the composite number is a multiple of the prime number. Then, it's the prime number.

What are prime numbers greater than 100?

There is an infinite number of prime numbers. It is not possible to list them.

What is a multiple of 5 that is not a even number square number prime number?

15 is one possible answer.

How do you multiple or divide 2 as prime number?

Multiples of 2 are all even numbers, but no even number greater than 2 is a prime number. 2 divided by 1 is 2, a prime number.

Why is every multiple of 5 a composite number?

Not all (5 is prime) but every multiple of 5 greater than 5 is composite because they have more than two factors. Every multiple of any integer greater than one is composite.

Is 2008 a prime number?

No, you can easily see that this is an even number, so it is a multiple of 2.2 IS A PRIME NUMBER!!Any number that is a multiple of a prime number is NOT a prime.

Is every number greater than 1 a multiple of more than one number?

No. A notable exception is the set of prime numbers.

A multiple of 5 does not end in 5 prime factorization of the number is a string of three numbers two of the prime factorization are the same and greater than the seventh square number?


What is difference of prime and a multiple?

Prime numbers have only two factors. Multiples of any number greater than one have more than two.

What is a multiple of 7 that is a prime number?

There is not a multiple of 7 that is prime.

Is there a prime number that is a multiple of 21?

No, it is not possible. Every multiple of 21 is a composite number. 21 is a composite number and its factors are 1, 3, 7 and 21(4 factors). Any multiple of 21 must have all the factors of 21. So, every multiple of 21 has at least 4 factors. And a prime number has only two factors so, any multiple of 21 can't be prime.