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4/6 or 2/3,

1,6,3 and 4 or all factors of 6

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Q: What are the odds of a factor of 6 when a dice is rolled?
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What are the odds of not rolling a 1 when a dice is rolled?

5 out of 6

When two dice are rolled Fine the odds that the score on the dice is either 3?

To roll a three on any one dice, the odds are 1/6. To roll a three on any one of a pair of dice, the odds are 1/6 x 1/6 which is 1/36 or 1 in 36 chance.

Odds of rolling 6 numbers on six-sided die using 10 dice?


What are the odds of rolling 6 consecutive doubles with 2 dice?

The odds of rolling 6 out of 2 consecutive dice is 100/25.

What are the odds of throwing doubles using two dice?

6 in 36, or in simplest form 1 in 6. For each number rolled on one die, there are only 6 possibilities for the other.

What is the probability of rolling 6 or less if two dice are rolled once?

The probability is 1, if the dice are rolled often enough.

What are the odds of rolling a pair with two dice?

1 in 6. Basically dice 1 can roll any number So the odds are that dice 2 has the same number as dice 1, or 1 in 6

If two dice were rolled what is the probability of a sum of 10 being rolled?

In order to get a ten, your first die must be either a 4, 5, or 6. The odds on that happening are 3/6, or 1/2. Your second die must then equal six minus the first die. Your odds on that are 1/6. Your overall odds then are 1/2 * 1/6, or 1/12.

If five dice are rolled simultaneously what is the probability of getting 5 of a kind in a single roll?

If we are thinking of getting a '6', here are the odds. Wth one dice, its 1 in 6. So,with two dice its 1 in 216 with three dice its 1 in 7776 with four dice its 1 in 279936 with five dice its a huge 1 in 10077696

If a dice is rolled what is the probability that a 2 will come up?

there are 6 faces of the dice so the answer is 1/6

What is the probability that if you roll the dice youll get the number 3?

There are 6 numbers on a die. Therefore there are 6 possible numbers that can be rolled. "3" is one of those numbers. The odds are therefore 1/6.

A die is rolled What is the odds that's not a 6?


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