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fractions having same denominators are like fractions & others are unlike fractions

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Q: What the difference between like and unlike fraction?
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What is the difference between unlike fractions and like fractions?

that they dont looks like them

what Much difference between like and unlike parallel forces?

They are different

in order to convert unlike fraction to like fraction we use?


An equality between a fraction and a percentage?

a fraction is the same thing as percentages. there is no difference. so i like pie so much

What do like and unlike fractions mean?

Like fractions have the same denominators (bottom part of fraction), unlike fractions do not.

How do you order unlike fraction?

The simplest way is to convert them to like fractions, or percentages.

What is difference between like and unlike parallel forces?

Forces which are parallel and acting in same direction are called like parallel forces. Forces which are parallel and acting in opposite direction are called unlike parallel forces.

Explain the difference between cohesion and adhesion?

Cohesion is the attraction between like molecules (such as water to water), while adhesion is the attraction between unlike molecules (such as water to any surface).

State the law of magnetic fraction and repulsion?

like charges repel...unlike charges attract

What is 5 over 12 in unlike and like fractions?

Like and unlike fractions only make sense when you have two [or more] fractions. One fraction, such as 5/12, is always like itself.

The difference between rodent and giant armadillo?

Well, a rodent, is a rat, hamster, or gerbil, anything like that. A Giant Armadillo, is a mammal, unlike a rodent. :)

How do you change unlike fractions to like fraction?

You find the Greatest common factorAdd if needed to on math problem

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