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It depends on the width of the desk. You could use centimeters or meters.

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Q: Which metric unit is best for measuring the width of a desk?
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What would you use to measure the width of your desk?

You would likely use a ruler or a measuring tape.

Which unit of measure is best for measuring how much a desk weighs?

For a desk like one used in schools the best unit would be pounds. Good luck on your measuring!

The width of a desk is 87 centimetrse What is the width of the desk to the nearest ten centimetres?

90 cm

What is the width of a school desk?

The standard width of a school desk is 36 inches. Such a desk will also have an average length of 22 inches.

What is the best tool to measure a desk?

It depends which property you are measuring. For linear dimensions a tape measure would be best

What is the area of a desk?

You need to know the length and width of the desk before you can determine the area. Multiply the length by the width to get your answer (length x width = area).

The BEST unit for measuring the weight of a desk would be?

Kilograms * * * * * No you would not! A kilogram is a measure of mass. Weight is measured in Newtons!

What is the best estimate of the width of a school desk a. 20 metersb. 20 feetc. 20 inchesd. 20 centimeters?

20 centimeters

What is the appropriate metric unit of mass for a desk?

you use kilograms

What metric unit would you be best to measure a desk?

To measure the external dimensions, you would probably use meters. To measure the weight, you'd use grams or kilograms, depending on the size of the desk.

What is the width of an teacher desk in meters?

10 meter

What is the width of a teacher's desk?

it is 5 yards or maybe. \

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