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In the world of Classical Music, a composer would generally not go to a publisher with a single piece of music, unless it was a major composition like a symphony. Composers would write a suite of pieces like Tombeau de Couperin (Ravel) or a series of sonatas. The publisher would assign an opus number to that work or collection of works, usually in order for that particular composer. So a composer's "Opus 1" would mean that is the composer's first published work. This is why some pieces are called, for example, Opus 12 #4. This piece is part of the published opus 12, and it is the fourth piece in the collection.

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Q: What is an opus number?
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Is fugue an opus?

A fugue is a musical form. An opus is a musical composition. Therefore a fugue is not an opus, nor is an opus a fugue. A composer may compose a fugue and give it an opus number. In that case, a specific fugue is identified by a specific opus number in its composer's catalogue: 'Fugue in G minor for organ, opus 99, by Franz Schnitzelgruber.'

What is liszt opus?

there's a few informations.. opus 1 - studies. and he used opus number, 1 to 5. I don't know about opus 2~5..

What is opus number for Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet?

The Fantasy-Overture after Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet has no opus number. It is one of the very few works by Tchaikovsky which he didn't assign an opus number. It was written in 1870.

What is the phone number of the Opus 40 in Saugerties New York?

The phone number of the Opus 40 is: 845-246-3400.

What is the opus number of Grande Polonaise Brillante by Chopin?

Introduction: Opus 3Andante Spianato Et Grande Polonaise Brillante: Opus 22

What does opas mean in musical terms?

Opus number is given for a specific work to recognize it from others. Two compositions from the same composer will never have the same opus number. As an example, the opus number of Emperor Concerto (by Beethoven) is Op. 73.

What is opus numbers?

An opus is usually a work of art, although the term is usually used for musical pieces. If a musician - composer - creates a number of musical pieces but does not give them distinctive names, then they may be numbered and that is the opus number for that piece.

What does op mean in musical terms?

Op is sort for opus. A convenient method of numbering a composer's works where a number follows the word 'opus'. For example, Opus 28, No. 4.

What number wasBeethoven's Waldstein Sonata?

Sonata #21, Opus 53

What is the name for Keats opus?

question is, Keat's opus.... answer is Keat's opus is a POEM

What is indicated by a WoO number in particular compositions by Beethoven?

WoO stands for "Werke ohne Opuszahl," which is German for "works without opus numbers." It's a system of organizing any pieces by Beethoven which were not published with an opus number.

Who owns the yacht opus II?

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