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You cannot use most fluorescent lights with a dimmer. Just about any incandescent bulb WILL work with a dimmer. Occasionally, when a halogen bulb burns out, it will destroy a dimmer switch but halogen bulbs are considered incandescent and other than that little problem they work well with a dimmer.

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Q: What is the type of lamp uses with dimmer switch?
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What type of battery is used in a lamp?

None a lamp uses a lightbulb

What should you do if you installed a new light in an old house that uses a dimmer switch and now the light won't turn off?

The problem is most likely the dimmer switch itself. Start with replacing that first, and then go from there.

What type gas use in mercury lamp?

It is a gas discharge lamp which uses mercury in excited states.

What is the of lamp?

the uses of lamp is to light us.....

What type of motherboard uses a soft power switch?


What is the use of lamp?

the uses of lamp is to light us.....

What type of charger does a Nintendo Switch use?

The Nintendo Switch uses a USB C charging cable

Energy saving light bulb on a dimmer switch?

Of course the answer is yes if use with our energy saving dimmer. Our energy saving dimmer is the only one can dim CFL,LED,T4,T5,T8,ceiling lamps,halogen lamp,quartz lamp etc. in the world. Our dimmer can apply to any brand of light source and lighting fixture.For example,our dimmer can dim the CFL of PHILIPs�ORSAM�GE etc.and this will not affect the performance and lifetime of lamp.Furthermore, dimming increases lifetime of lamp and saves energy because less electrical wattage is used. For example, a lamp that is dimmed by 25 percent uses about 20 percent less electricity and the lamp's life is increased four times. Pls visit http: //v. blog. to see the demonstration. or send your inquiry to jennixiao [at ],i would like to help you. +++ Does dimming a light actually reduce the power consumption? Most of these use variable regulators, so where does the "lost" part of the a. c. waveform from the mains go if not into heat in the regulator itself?

What kinds of energy does a lamp use?

That really depends on the type of lamp. Two common options are electrical energy, and - if the lamp uses kerosene, or some similar fuel - the chemical energy from the fuel.

Why won't a three way lamp switch work with a wall controlled outlet?

Not wanting to state the obvious but the wall switch has to be turned on to supply voltage to the outlet. The lamp will need a three way light bulb in the lamp. A three way bulb uses two filaments of different lengths. One element is used for low brightness, the other filament for medium brightness and the high brightness setting uses both filaments in the bulb. If a single filament ordinary light bulb is used in place of a three way light bulb there will be a position on the three way lamp switch where the bulb will not light. Find the position on the lamp where the bulb will light and leave it there. Use the wall switch to turn the lamp off and on through the controlled receptacle.

Where the under the hood light of a Jeep Wrangler switch is located?

The switch is part of the lamp assembly. qcbt3The lamp assembly uses a mercury switch similar to a home thermostat. as the switch body is moved (by raising the hood) encapsulated mercury flows from one end to the other of its capsule and makes the circuit for the under hood lamp. To test,remove the connector at the light assembly and check for 12 volts DC. If you have voltage, the circuit is good and you need to replace the light assembly. Usually the lamp contacts get corroded but the assembly is sealed and not owner serviceable.

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