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Not a good idea. The only safe way it can be done is if by chance the wire from the 15 amp breaker is a #12 wire which is rated for 20 amps. The #14 wire which is most likely connected to the 15 amp breaker is only rated at 15 amps. By connecting a 20 amp possible load to a 15 amp rated circuit there is the possibility of heat being generated by the wire resulting in insulation failure and then circuit failure.

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Q: Can a 15 amp breaker be replace with a 20 amp?
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How do you change a 15 amp outlet to a 20 amp outlet?

The only way you can change a 15 amp to a 20 is you have to replace the 14 gauge wire going to it with a 12 gauge wire, then replace the 15 amp breaker with a 20 amp breaker. You can put a 15 amp outlet on a 20 amp circuit as long as there is more then one receptacle. A double receptacle counts as two receptacles. Steve Green Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Can you hook a 15 amp and 20 amp breaker to a breaker box using 20 amp wire?

You can run 12 AWG wire for both 15 and 20 Amp circuits. Suggest if you do this that you use 20 amp outlets and switches so you could easily upgrade 15 A to 20 A breaker if you need to in the future.

Is your household electric outlet 15 amp?

It can be 15 amp or it can be 20 amp depending on what size was was used. AWG #14 wire uses a 15 amp breaker. AWG #12 requires a 20 amp breaker.

Can a 20 amp breaker be replaced with a 15 amp breaker?

Yes. but the load rating of the circuit will be reduced to that of 15 amps.

Can you use a double pole 15 amp breaker in place of a 20 amp single pole breaker for a 12000 BTU air conditioner?

If the 12,000 BTU A/C only requires 20 amps to run then yes you can use the same 12 gauge wire but you cannot change it to a 15 amp breaker. You will need to install a 20 amp double pole breaker. If it requires more than 20 amps you will have to replace the wiring and breaker.

Can a sub panel from a 15 amp breaker be used with a branch circuit with 20 amp breaker?

Yes but it will limit your 20 amp circuit to 15 amps. Any amperage over 15 amps on the 20 amps circuit will trip the breaker protecting the sub panel.

Can a 14 gauge wire be used on a 20 amp breaker?

No, the rating of a #14 wire is 15 amps. This has to be protected by a 15 amp breaker.

Can you change a double 15amp breaker into a double 20 amp breaker?

Absolutely not. If the existing breaker is a 15 amp breaker then the wiring that breaker is protecting is AWG # 14 gauge wire. A 20 amp breaker is used to protect AWG # 12 wire. Installing a double 20 amp breaker is just asking for a fire.

Does square D make a circuit breaker with a 15 amp and 20 amp breaker in the same breaker?

No tandem breakers are of the same value.

Can a 15 amp receptacle be replaced with a 20 amp gfci receptacle?

Yes, as long as the wire on that circuit is AWG #12 and the breaker is a 20 amp breaker. FYI, you can install a 15 amp outlet or 15 amp GFCI on a 20 amp circuit. That is perfectly fine and meets the National Electric Code.

Can you use 20 amp appliance on 15 amp circuit?

No the breaker will trip beause the circuits maximum current allowed by the breaker is 15 amps.

Can a 20 amp breaker be replaced with a 15 amp?

Yes, provided that you don't really need 20 A on the circuit.

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