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Yes, the midfielder plays the whole field.

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Yes, midfielders can go past the halfway line in soccer. In fact, they are expected to contribute both defensively and offensively, supporting their team in various areas of the field.

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Q: Can the midfielder go past the halfway line in soccer?
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How do you be a good midfielder in soccer?

To be a good midfielder, you must past the ball to your teammates and try to get the ball to the goal. Good examples of players like this are David Beckham and Xabi Alonso.

When the offense kicks the soccer ball past the end line?

There's a goal kick.

If a ball hits the line of the goal in soccer it is a goal?

No. All parts of the ball must be past all parts of the line.

What would be the call if the offensive team kicked the ball past the other team's end line in soccer?

your american.

What does 'PTS' mean in soccer statistics?

past the soccer ball

How far up field can a soccer defender go?

A defender in soccer moves up when the ball is close to the oposite net. If a striker from the other team stays back, one defender should stay to cover him. You could also try to make him offside by stepping up, but not past the halfway line.

Can you find info on efrain ruiz a past player in Mexican soccer?

Can you find info on efrain ruiz a past player in mexican soccer?

What soccer actions would result in a goal kick?

If an attacking player knocks the ball past the goal line (but not in the goal), and if the goalkeeper is fouled inside his 6-yard box.

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How does soccer in Botswana compare to soccer in the United States?

For the most part, there is no difference between soccer in Botswana and in the US. Soccer in Botswana is less organized and more of a past time.

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