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Yes, as long as it has the necessary ampacity for the load and is properly fastened at each terminal. For example, we have a 4/0 aluminum cable feeding our 200 A subpanel 120 feet away.

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Q: Can you use aluminum service cable to feed a sub panel?
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When adding a sub-panel can you feed it from the service mains in the main panel or do you have to feed it with a separate breaker in the main panel?

It's much safer to feed it from a separate breaker rather than double lugging to the service. Also make sure you use the right gauge wire for the amperage of the breaker you're using to feed the sub.

Can a type SE cable with an insulated neutral be used to feed an electric range through a sub-panel?

check your local codes for this

How many amps is needed to feed a house?

Most small old houses only have a 100amp service panel, 4-5 bedroom, very large houses have a 200 amp panel. Now a days,with a small house, you should have a min of 150amp panel installed. To answer you question, there is a main service panel calculation that is used,and goes by the house as to get a service that will pass codes.

What size wire is needed for a 200 amp service feed from meter to panel?

2/0 if copper is used; 4/0 if aluminum is used. The neutral and ground are usually smaller. 2/0 is only rated for 185 amps. 3/0 copper is rated for 210 amps, 250 MCM is rated at 215 amps if aluminum is used.

Can you feed 200 amps to 100 amp panel?

The rating of a panel dictates the maximum current of the panel and is protected by a breaker of that rating. If you had 200 amp service to your house and only had a 100 amp panel then you could only draw 100 amps before the breaker tripped.

What size aluminum wire to feed a 100 amp panel 240 ft away?

To answer this question the voltage value and whether the system is three phase or single phase needs to be given.

Can more wires be ran from the meter base to supply a shop from your house?

No, you cannot put but one set of wires in a meter base. The way to go about this, is to mount an outside panel beside your meter base. Panel sized to existing house service, equipped with two main breakers. One to re-feed the house panel the other to feed your shop.

What is the cable between the service panel and electric meter called?

Whether you have an overhead or underground feed, that section of the installation is referred to as Service Entrance Conductors. On an overhead installation, it includes the conductors on BOTH sides of the meter, from the service drop conductors (attached at the service head) to the service equipment LINE terminals. On an underground installation, it refers only to the conductors between the meter's LOAD side and the service equipment LINE terminals. The conductors on the LINE side of the meter come from a distribution transformer and are unbroken between the transformer and your meter.

What type of cable would be used for feed in to cable box?

Coaxial, RG-59.

Can you tap meter and feed panel in detached garage?

No. Any connections to the detached garage have to be after the main disconnect of your house panel. You have two options here. You can replace meter with a meter disconnect combo and have the main feed your house and add a breaker to feed the garage or You could install a 400 ap service and place two disconnects at the meter. one for the house and one for the garage. unless you are going to have a serious electrial load in the garage you sould just feed off the panel in the house for cost effectiveness.

I have a Transformer 480 primary 208 secondary feeding 1 200amp mb 42 space panel I need to feed a subpanel 6 ft away I'm thinkin feed through lug at top of bus or at feed through MB suggestions?

The sub-panel need to be fed from the main panel, by way of a circuit breaker connected to one of the breaker locations. Or if your sub-panel has a main breaker installed you can feed from the main panel with a sub-feed lug kit. This looks like a breaker, but is only a point where you can branch off the sub panel.

Can you run an additional breaker panel parallel to the existing one?

It is not in parallel. You put a breaker in existing panel and use that to feed the subpanel. The Amperage of this subfeed breaker should match the rating of the new panel. For example a 100A breaker might be typical. Remember that ground and neutral are only "bonded" at the main panel. Usually a subpanel has a means to separate the neutral and ground in a subpanel. Be careful since everything about doing this is dangerous.Another AnswerYes, you can have two breaker panels in parallel. If you had a 100 amp panel on a 200 amp service (or increase the size of the service, check with your power company on the size of your service, you could add a second 100 amp panel in parallel with the first. You can have up to 6 disconnects per service, but they must be located adjacent to each other or in the same enclosure. So either install the second panel beside the first or a 100 amp disconnect beside the first panel and feed out of the disconnect to the new panel located where you need it.

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