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The rating of a panel dictates the maximum current of the panel and is protected by a breaker of that rating. If you had 200 amp service to your house and only had a 100 amp panel then you could only draw 100 amps before the breaker tripped.

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Q: Can you feed 200 amps to 100 amp panel?
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Can you feed a 100 amp panel from your 200 amp panel?

Yes. You need to balance loads since you are not getting an extra 100 amps, your overall limit is still 200 amps.

Can you feed a 200 amp sub panel from a 200 amp panel?

You can as long as you don't assume that this gives you another 200 Amps to use. Your overall amperage will still be only 200 Amps. You can supply the sub-panel with a smaller breaker than 200 Amps.

Can you install 200 amp to run a 100 amp panel and a 200 amp panel?

Yes but if the total current exceeds 200 amps the panel will be overloaded and the main breaker will trip.

Is my home 100 or 200 amps?

Your main service panel will have a plate or sticker telling you.

Can you feed two 100 amp circuits off of a 200 amp main?

Yes, you can feed two 100 amp circuits off of a 200 amp main distribution panel.

How many 20 amps 15 amps and 30 amps breaker you can have in the main panel of 200 amps?

Any combination that adds up to or less than 200 amps.

What size wire is needed for 100 amp sub panel 200 feet away from main panel?

A #1 copper conductor is rated at 140 amps with an insulation rating factor of 90 degrees C at 240 volt single phase, will give you a full 100 amps at 200 feet. #4 wire should give you 95 amps. Anything over 200 feet you will start loosing more amps.

Can you change 100 amp breaker to a 200 amp breaker in the 100 amp box?

No, absolutely not. The wiring supplying your 100 A panel can only carry 100 amps, not 200 A !If you were to install a 200 A main breaker and then draw more amps than the supply wire can carry, it would overheat and burn. Good way to burn your house to the ground.

Can you add 100 amps to 200 amp ratred box?

No, if the UL Rated Listing for the Panel is 200A than that's it. You cannot have 300A flowing through a 200A Panel.

What size wire is needed to feed a 125 amp sub panel from a 200 amp panel less than 200 wire feet away?

A #1 copper wire with an insulation rating of 90 degrees C is rated at 140 amps.

What size wire for 100 amp panel 200 feet away from a 200 amp service?

This is a voltage drop question. A voltage value needs to be stated. Assuming that the 200 amp panel is a single phase 120/240 volt sub panel. A #1 copper conductor will limit the voltage drop to 3% or less when supplying 100 amps for 200 feet on a 240 volt system.

For 200 amps service do you use 100 amps per 120 volt leg?

A 200 ampere service provides 200 amperes per leg

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