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for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.

Hook the black to black, red to red, white to white, and green to bare. (Phase A to A, B to B, Neutral to Neutral, and Ground to Ground).

Your home probaly has type SE cable, two insulated conductors wrapped by a bare conductor in a single jacket. Connect the black conductor from the cook top to one of the insulated conductors, connect the red to the other. Connect the white and green ( bare) to the bare conductor in the SE cable.This is allowed by the code in older homes such as yours. It was never the intention of the code to make home owners tear out and replace wiring as they replaced equipment, even though some people would like you to think so.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.




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Q: How do you connect a 240V electric cooktop with four wires to the 240V service from the electric panel which is 3 wires?
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How do you connect a 240V electric cooktop with four wires to the 120V services from the electric panel which is 2 wires?

If your electrical service is only 120 volts you have a problem. There is no way that you can connect a 240 volt cook top to that service. You have two options, one is to upgrade to a new 120/240 volt electrical service. Your other option is to find a 120 volt electrical cook top.

How do you connect a 240 v cooktop with 4 wires to a service panel with 3 wires?

The new cooktop has a 4 wire connection. Red &amp; Black are hot. White is neutral, and green is ground. You existing panel is wired with 3 wires. Black &amp; Red are hot and green is ground. There is no neutral wire. Connect the black to black, red to red, and then connect the white and ground together at the plug.

What is an service panel?

The place where the power drop from the electric company enters your house. The service panel is where the fuses or breaker switches are.

How can you tell if you have a 240v cooktop No sticker on the old cooktop and new one requires 240. Fuse panel says 120v240v AC?

Does it have a big heavy wire, like your electric dryer, or a little light wire like your refrigerator. All electric cooktops that I know of are 240V. I have never seen one that is 120V.

What is the color of hot service wires feeding the electric panel?

Red and Black

What size ground wire is needed for 200amp electric service panel in California?

#4 copper.

How do you open front panel of Indesit KP 59 MS CG oven and gas cooktop?

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How do you wire a 220v connection into the main panel?

I assume you mean you are wiring a 220 volt circuit. You will install a 220 volt double pole breaker of the correct size for the circuit. An example would be for an electric dryer that requires a 30 amp double pole breaker wired with 10/3 wire. You connect the Red &amp; Black wires to the breaker. One on each screw. You now connect the White wire to the neutral bus bar in the service panel. Then connect the bare copper ground wire to the ground bus bar in the service panel. At the dryer outlet connect the black &amp; red to the hot screws, white to the neutral, and ground to ground. They will be labeled on the back of the outlet.

200 amp electric service Do you ground the meter pan and the circuit panel?

Ground the meter base only if it's a duplex. Otherwise, ground at the main switch or panel.

What is the answer to in a typical home electrical panel installation the ground wire is connected directly from a geound rod driven into the ground to the?

Connect other end to the ground lug in the service entrance part of your panel.

What Amps of electric panel are required for average home electricity?

Generally a 100 amp service should prove to provide enough "power", although a home that is considered "All Electric", having electric heat, water heater, etc. should carry a 200 amp service.

The main service cable entering a building is first connected to what?

It is connected to the cut out fuse which enables isolation of the circuit from the supply when there is a fault.Additional Information:The service cable is usually connected to a meter fixture and from there to the main electric panel which will have a breaker to isolate the panel.

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