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Most containers are not filled to capacity. Head room is left to allow for expansion as the temperature varies. For instance, a 12 ounce cola can holds more than 12 ounces when filled to capacity. Some will recall the bulging tops on cola cans that have been frozen. So a milk container, while it contains a litre of milk and is called one litre has a capacity greater than one litre when completely filled.

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Q: If you fill a 1 liter milk container with water will there be more or less than 1 liter?
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Is a liter of compost the same as a liter of water?

No, compost is bulky and will have air-spaces. So less compost can be packed into the litre container. Water is a liquid and will fill the container completely, and will be heavier.

Why water rise higher in smaller tube?

Because there's less space to fill up so the water goes up higher to fill up that space, and fill the shape of the container.

Is a small milk container more than 1 liter about 1 liter or less than 1 liter?

a liter

Does a liter of water weigh the same as 1 liter of oil?

No. Oil is less dense than water, so 1 liter of oil will weigh less than 1 liter of water.

How would you separate a mixture of lead and aluminum pellets?

Just fill a container with water. The aluminum is light, and less dense than the water, so it will float to the top of the container. The lead is heavy, and more dense than the water, so it will sink to the bottom of the container. You can then separate the two easily.

Why does the change of water from a liquid to a solid cause a container to break?

Water expands when it freezes and the container is less flexible at lower temperatures.

Why does gas fill the volume of its container?

Gas is very losely packed and its molecules are totally far apart and thus has very less force of attraction and more intermolecular spaces hence gas fill the whole of its container.

If a ship sinks is it displacing more or less water and why?

it is displacing more water imagine putting a rock into a small container of water. the container appears to have more water because it was displaced

Why does an stone go under the water?

Because the stone weighs more than the same volume of water. If you fill a container to the brim with water, then put a stone into the water and catch the water that overflows from the container, that overflowed water will weigh less than the stone does. If you did the same thing with a cork, and used a pin to push the cork under the surface of the water, the overflowed water would weigh more than the cork.

Can a glass of water hold less than 0.9 liter?

yes it can

Which is heavier one liter of oil or one liter of water?

Oil is less dense than water, which is why a film of oil will float on top of water.

How much does 1 liter of pure water weigh?

A liter of pure water weighs at most 1 kilogram (at 4 degrees Centigrade). This is about 2.2 pounds. Water at higher temperatures is less dense and will weigh slightly less.

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