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PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride. It is the chemical compounds that make up plastic. In short PVC conduit is plastic pipe that is used in the electrical trade. The lengths are glued together with PVC glue and usually used for underground electrical systems.

It comes Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 (thicker) and comes in the same sizes as metal conduit

Electrical PVC conduit is usually grey; Plumbing PVC pipe is usually white

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Q: What is PVC conduit?
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Which conduit is best - PVC or MS conduit?

For underground conduit runs, PVC is by far the better of the two conduit systems.

Are the prices of PVC conduit cheaper then steel conduit?

The prices of PVC conduit seem to be a bit cheaper than steel conduit. PVC is light and lower in cost to produce and manufacture. Depending on the place that the conduit is needed, can determine the type of conduit you need.

Can you use plumbing PVC fittings on electrical PVC conduit?


Which one is cheaper PVC conduit or emt conduit?

PVC is cheaper but is used differently. PVC is usually baried in ground and emt usually runs exposed. You can use PVC exposed if it is schedule 80 gray PVC electrical conduit. Schedule 40 is for under ground

How do you cut PVC conduit?

With a hacksaw.

Is an equipment ground required in PVC conduit?

Generally, when using PVC conduit you should also run a ground wire.

Can regular PVC glue be used on electrical conduit?

If it's a PVC conduit, yes it will work. I would test on a sample first, to be certain.

Can a PVC pipe be used for electrical conduit?

Why not, the plumbing PVC actually has more testing to meet plumbing standards than PVC conduit. Both are made of the same material, so yes it can.

Is it better to use metal or pvc conduit?

PVC conduit is better then metal as it won't corrod under ground and theres less of a chance of electrical shortages.

Can you use PVC conduit for commercial kitchen?

can you used pvc pipes in a commerical business kitchen

What is conduit glue made off?

It is a version of PVC glue.

Is PVC cement acceptable for joining plastic conduit?


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