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15 amps

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2008-03-19 00:28:41
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Q: What is the breaker size for a 10 KVA electric heater?
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What size breaker is needed for a 50 kva transformer?

150 amp

What size 480v two pole single phase breaker is required to feed a 75 kva transformer?

75000va / 480v = 156.25A 156.25A * 125% = 195.31A I would size the breaker at 200A

What size breaker is needed for feeding 10 kva transformer at 460 v single phase?

30 amp

What size breaker is needed for feeding a 10 kva transformer?

What size breakers are needed for a 30kva transformer 208 volt feed 600 volt out put

What size breaker is need to feed a 150 KVA transformer?

An exact breaker size can not be given because the voltage, and hence the calculation for current, is not given. A transformer shall be protected by an over current device that is not rated at more that 150% of the primary current.

Size 134 kva cable?

Cable is not rated in kva.

If you have a circuit breaker box containing 650 amps of circuit breakers it is 3 phase 480 volts what size kva generator do you need?

The question isn't the number of amps total on your branch circuits, but rather, what your MAIN breaker(s) are rated at. This will determine what size of generator you will need. And be certain that the generator is 3-phase. <<>> The formula you are looking for is Amps = kva x 1000/1.73 x voltage.

What is the size breaker per phase 200kva generator?

A breaker is not sized by individual phase amperage. It will be a three phase or three pole breaker rated at the output of the generator. Use the following formula to find the output amperage of the three phase generator. Amps = kva x 1000/1.73 x voltage.

Would a 15 kva 380 volt generator be big enough to run a house with a 60 amp breaker 380 volts?

A 15 KVA - Generator operating at 380 Volts can cater to only 22.79 Amps. It cannot cater to a 60 Amps breaker

How can you determine the kva size of a transformer?

Read the label on the side.

How many HP will a 30 kva transformer run?

At what pressure air is blast in air blast circuit breaker during fault intruption?

What is cable size for 250 kva gen-set?

35 sq. mm

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