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To calculate the wire size, a system voltage is needed.

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2011-07-18 03:23:18
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Q: What size wire is needed for carrying 100 amps under ground?
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What size ground wire needed for 75 amps at 208 volts?

#8 copper

What size ground is needed for 225 amps panel?

3/0 or250 aluminum

Current carrying capacity of 2.5 sq mm copper wire?

5.6 amps to 10 amps

Current carrying capacity of 4mm cable?

25 amps

What is the current carrying capacity of a 16mm single cable?


What size ground wire is used for a 600 amp panel?

For a service conductor drawing 600 amps a #1 copper grounding conductor is needed.

Current carrying capacity of 50sqmm copper wire?

The current carrying capacity of 50sqmm copper wire is 140 amps.

37.5 amps converted in watts?

To convert amps into watts a voltage is needed. Watts = Amps x Volts.

Size of grounding conductor for generator?

Sizing of ground conductors is based on the load capacity in amps of the generator. There is a table in the electrical code book which states an amperage and what size ground wire that is needed for that amperage.

300kva equals amps?

300kva equals zero amps. Voltage is needed to answer this question.

Can a device requiring 1.3 amps will work with 2 amps adaptor?

2 amps represents the maximum current capacity of the adapter. It is capable of carrying any current from near zero up to 2 amps.

A 220 volt motor is rated at 4.0 amps is that 4.0 amps per leg or 2.0 amps per each leg?

The Full Load Amps, FLA is a rating for each winding of the motor. In this case the motor actually needs 4 amps running through it. As current needs to go somewhere (perferably not to ground) the 4 amps will circulate on you 2 Hots, the neutral isn't needed. 4A in, 4A out.

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