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1/0 copper thhn covering. 3/0 aluminum again thhn covering

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2009-08-08 02:27:46
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2012-07-06 23:51:29

AWG 1/0 gauge will suffice.

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Q: What wire size for 100 amp sub panel 250 ft from main panel?
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What size of conduit for 100 amp panel?

AWG #3 wire

What wire size do you need for a 125 amp panel with a 100 amp main breaker?

A #3 copper conductor with an insulation factor of 90 degrees C is rated at 115 amps. Even though the panel is rated at a higher amperage it is the main breaker that governs the wire size.

What is AWG wire sizes for 100 amp main panel?

AWG #3

Can you install a 150 amp meter base and still have a 100 amp main panel?

The wire size in a meter stack is governed by the size of the first over current device.

Wire size for 100 amp panel?

8 is the size of wire to use for grounding a 100 Amp panel. Green is color used for grounding8 is code.A #3 copper wire with an insulation rating of 75 or 90 degrees C is rated at 100 and 110 amps consecutively.

What size ground wire is needed for a 100 amp service panel?

#8 is the size of wire to use for grounding a 100 Amp panel. Green is color used for grounding #8 is code.

What size service cable for 100 amp main panel 100 feet away?


What size wire for 100 amp 3 phase panel?

Nec 310.16 #3 thhn

400 feet run for 100 amp service what size wire?

Assuming the voltage is 240 volts, the wire size for a 100 amp panel at the end of 400 feet and holding the voltage drop to 3 %, the wire will be 3/0 in size.

How do you determine if you have 100 or 200 amp service?

Look at the value of the breaker or fuses that control your main electric panel. look at the wire size coming in to the main lugs on service panel, I am assuming you don't have a main breaker or you would look at the breaker rating to determine service size. 2/0 copper or 4/0 aluminum service size 200 amps, #4 copper or # 2 aluminum 100 amp.

What size wire is needed for 100 amp sub panel that is 250 feet away from main panel?

A 1/0 MCM copper conductor will limit the voltage drop to 3% or less when supplying 100 amps for 250 feet on a 240/120 volt system. This calculation is for a full 100 amps at the panel. If exact amperage is known the conductor size can be reduced to match the known amperage.

Can you put a 100 amp breaker into a 200 amp panel?

Yes, if you have the correct size #2 wire going to it.

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