Who is the biggest teletubbie?

Updated: 5/29/2024
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It is tinky winky, the blue one.

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Tinky Winky is the tallest and biggest Teletubbie, standing at almost 7 feet tall.

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Q: Who is the biggest teletubbie?
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Is Tinky winky the biggest teletubbie?

yes he is the biggest teletubbie

Who is the biggest teletubbie fan in the world?

Brooke Clark

What is the name of the blue teletubbie?

There is no blue teletubbie. If you are referring to the "purple" teletubbie, his name is Tinky Winky.

What is a teletubbie?

A teletubbie is a being from another world. They are from a British Childrens Television show called 'The Teletubbies'

What channel is the teletubbie on?


What s the name of the purple teletubbie?

The purple teletubbie is named Tinky- Winky. Hope this helps! Best of luck! :)

Is Dipsy the green teletubbie?

yes he is

Where do the teletubbis live?

teletubbie land

Which Teletubbie is gay?

Tinky Winky.

What is the purple teletubbie's name?

Its Miley Cyrus

Is the teletubbie's sun a girl or boy?


What is the most popular teletubbie?

yellow one