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how many yards are in a ton of wood chips

2000 pounds equals a ton

500 lbs equals one yard

4 yards equals one ton

9000 lbs equals 4.5 tons not 2.5 tons (typo error)

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Q: 1 cubic yard of wood chips would be how many tons?
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How many ton in 76.5 cubic meters of wood chips?

According to the US EPA wood chips are 500 LBS per cubic yard so 18 yards would be 9000 LBS or 2.5 Tons

How many tons of wood chips can a semi trailer carry?

Usually 20 to 23 tons, depending on what the tare weight of the combination is. Although I do believe wood chips are sold by the cubic yard, rather than by the ton.

How many cubic meters in 12.5 tons?

Depends on tonnes of what? At 1 tonne per cubic mtere you would have 12.5 cubic metres.

How many cubic yards in 16 tons of gravel?

16 tons of dry sand occupies approximately 320 cubic feet of volume.

How many tons would equal 1000 cy of wood chips?

I have no idea what 1000 cy is

How many tons does a cubic meter of chrome weigh?

2.2 tons

How many tons fit in 1042 cubic feet?

Tons of WHAT. -That is VITAL information for an answer.

How many metric tons in a cubic meter?

a cubic metere of what? it depends on the density

What is the abbreviation for cubic metric tons?

There is no such thing as a "cubic ton". You can have cubic meters, but not cubic tons.

How many tons of sand is 60000 cubic feet?

60,000 cubic feet of dry sand weighs approximately 3000 tons.

How many cubic yards of small rock are in 22.50 tons?

there is about 1.25 yards to a ton,so 22.5 tons would be approx 18 yards

How many tons of river rock is needed to fill fourteen cubic yards?

That depends on the exact size of the rocks, - however a good rule of thumb for river rock in general is about 1.4 -1.6 tons per cubic yard. -So 14 cubic yards would be approximately 20 tons.