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This is only possible if you allow adding coins

Number of coins in row x Number of rows = total number of coins

5 x 2 = 10 coins

4 x 4 = 20 coins

You would need 10 more coins

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Q: 2 rows of 5 coins can you move 4 coins in make 5 rows of 4 coins?
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If you have eight coins can you make 2 rows of five coins by just moving one coin?

If you think 2D you can stack one coin on top in a row.

How could you arrange 4 coins so that you have 2 rows with 3 coins in each row?

You could make an L shape out of three coins, and place the fourth on the corner. That way there are three coins up and three across.

How do you make 2 rows of 6 using 9 coins?

3 1 1 1 1 1 1 The drawing above, if it is preserved by the formatting, illustrates how. For the first row, put on 4 coins in a row. Stack two additional coins on top of one of the coins. For the second row, make it perpendicular to the first row, and overlapping the stack of 3 coins. You have used a total of 9 coins, with the stack of 3 coins doing double duty for both rows.

How do you arrange 5 coins to form 2 row of 3 coins each?

5 coins, 2 rows of 3 coins in each. ! simple.. just arrange the 5coins like a PLUS(+) symbol . hence, u got 2rows(1-horizontal row and 1-vertical row) intersected in the middle..! then place the 4coins at the corner of the two rows and 5th coin in the middle intersected point of that 2rows..! that's it..!!!

How many 50cent coins will i need to make 1.00?


How many rows can you make out of 80 students?

Having the same number of students in each row, 80 students can be arranged in 80 rows of 1, 40 rows of 2, 20 rows of 4, 10 rows of 8, and 5 rows of 16.

How do you make 2.52 with 9 coins?

2 dollar coins 5 dimes 2 pennies

Can you play plants Vs zombies?

you can beat a level with only 3 plants 2 rows in back filled with sun-shrooms or sunflowers 3 rows next filled with puff-shrooms 1 ir 2 rows next dilled with wallmuts i did that and at the end of the level had 3445 coins good luck!!!!!

What 5 coins can make 0.95?

The five coins are 3 quarters and 2 dimes.

Can you use 7 coins to make 1.32?

2 Fifty cent coins. 3 dimes, and 2 pennies.

Can you make 50p using only 2 coins?

No, the closest you can get is 40p using 2 x 20p coins.

What three coins make 2 euro?

1 euro coin and two 1/2 euro coins.

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