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question doesn't totally make sense

if the bath is 80 liters and the shower is 30 liters the shower is saving 50 liters

if the bath is 150 liters and the shower is 45 liters the shower is saving 105 liters

But if we take the higher bound for the bath and lower bound for the shower we have a maximum saving of 150-30 is 120 litres.

While taking the lower bound for the bath and higher bound for the shower the minimum saving is 80-45 is 35 litres.

So the saving is anywhere between 35 and 120 litres.

However it should be noted that the assumed water usage figures for baths and showers are not realistic so this does not represent the savings in real life although having a large variation is realistic, as some people take a shallow hip bath while others take long showers.

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Q: A bath is 80 liters to 150 liters what is a shower saving if the shower is 30 liters to 45liters?
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