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line of fit

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Q: A line that is very close to most of the data points in a scatter plot?
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A line that best fits the data points on a scatter plot?

A straight line which best describes the data on a scatter plot is called a "line of best fit". The line could pass through some of the points, all of them, or none of them.

What is the line that lies as close as possible to all the data points in a scatter plot?

the line of best fit if you have any more math questions conmtact me at

What type of graph would be best for data points?

A scatter plot would be best for non-related data points. A line graph would be best for related data points.

What is a graph with lines connected to data points called?

either a scatter graph or a line graph xx :)

Points that represent data values are connected using line segments?

Not necessarily. In a scatter plot or regression they would not.

Can a scatter plot have a linear function?

You can have a line of best fit. It is the line that cuts through the points with the least amount of distance to all the data.

What is placing dots on all data points?

You can have a scatter plot where the data is displayed as a collection of points. You can also have a dot plot where a set of data is represented by placing dots over a number line to represent the frequency of data.

What is a line that comes as close as possible to data points as possible?

line of best fit.

Is the scatter plot better then the line graphs?

No, scatter plot gives a rough picture of the data. Line graph gives information on tabulated data

What are the points that don't follow the line of best fit called?

Data points that are not close to the line of best fit are called outliers.

What is a graph where the data points do not fall along a straight line is called?

There is no specific name. It could be a non-linear graph, or a scatter graph.

Are the points connected in a scatter plot?

No, you draw a general line through the middle of the points.(A line of fit)