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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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X-12= -5 x= 8

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Q: A number has been decreased by 12 the result is -5 find the original number?
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What is the number of original colonists?

The answer depends on where the "original" colony is meant to have been!

What do you call the result of a number that has been multiplied?

Its the product

How do you do this question A number is 50 when rounded off to the nearest ten what could the original number be?

the original number could have been anything from 45 to 54

You have the end result number and know that a base number has been multiplied by 2.75 percent to reach that total What was the original base number?

Give the numbers some names: End result number ==> R Base number ==> B You said that 2.75 percent of B reached R. .0275 B = R Divide both sides of this equation by .0275 B = R / .0275 Divide the 'end result' by 0.0275. The answer will be the 'base number'.

If a number is decreased by 5 and the result is is twice the original number-What is the number?

I had to call my son the computer whiz in LA to help me out on this one. They owed him some time in the massively parallel processor complex where he works, so he logged in and ran this one for me last night. Here's what he came up with:If I drop one of something blindly into a bucket and then I look in the bucket and there are two of them in there, I can logically conclude that the thing that was in there before must have been exactly like the thing I dropped in, and that there used to be one of them where now there are two of them. So the original number was also -5, just like the amount you added.

What can a person do when they were told that they are to be rewarded for finding something but when they do find it the reward has been decreased?

if the reward has been decreased then.......find another thing whos reward has more money in it.

What are some jobs where the number of positions available has been reduced as a result of automation?

As a result of automation, there are some jobs where the number of positions available has been reduced. They include secretarial jobs, like office secretary and executive secretary.

Why have your tweets decreased?

It's possible that some have been deleted.

What is an endangered spicies?

endangered species are the animals whose number has been decreased and are almost about to be extinct . some examples are tiger , polar bear , elephant , etc

What is a quotient?

A quotient is the result of dividing two numbers. If we divide one number into another number, the result is the quotient. It might be argued that the quotient is the ratio of two numbers, but what has been stated applies.

If you start with a number subtract fourteen and then divide twelve the result is 248 What is the original number?

Just work the problem backwards. The answer is 248. Something was divided by 12 in order to get it. If we MULTIPLY 248 by 12, we will find that number. We get 2,976. Now, we need to ADD 14, since 14 had originally been subtracted from the number we're looking for. Adding 14 we get 2,990.

When a number is rounded to to decimal places the result is 13.55 What are 6 numbers which could have been the original number?

The rule when rounding off numbers is "If the first figure to be discarded is 5 or more then the previous figure is increased by 1". 13.55 (2dp) can be obtained from numbers with 3 decimal places ranging from 13.545 to 13.554. Six possibilities for the original number are 13.545, 13.547, 13.549, 13.551, 13.552, 13.554. NOTE : If the choice of original numbers were extended to numbers having (say) 6 decimal places of figures then the six possible numbers could have been chosen from the range 13.545001 to 13.554999

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