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that amswer is wrong

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Q: A piece of timber is x long.11cm are cut off .how much is left?
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How much timber would be left if eleven 1.75 metre lengths are cut from a 22 metre piece of timber?

11 x 1.75 = 19.25 Theoretically, you would have 2.75 meters left. In reality, you lose a little bit of timber to sawdust every time you make a cut.

How much timber would be left if eleven 1.75-m lengths are cut from a 22-m piece of timber?


How much does a cubic meter of timber weigh?

It depends on the density of the timber.

How much does a 4x6x8 timber weigh?

Depends on the type of timber and how wet it is.

An upward bend in a piece of timber?

Crown. The crown goes up. The idea is that the load will straighten it out. If the crown is too much, it will have to be used where smaller pieces will be used.

How much uranium is left if a solid piece goes through?

one half-life

How much timber is harvested in the southern U.S.?

Timber is also the South's largest agricultural product.

How much timber is use everyday?

a lot

How much does a timber-wolf pup cost?

A timber-wolf pup may cost $400-$1,000 depending on where you get it.

How much timber is produced annually in Georgia?

you poo

Weight of 12x12 timber?

12x12 timber, of what wood species? And what is the moisture content of this wood? The question above cannot be answered without more information. A 12"x12"x8' piece of Balsa timber will weigh much less than a 12"x12"x8' Teak or Red Oak. In order to calculate the weight of 12x12 timber, you would need to know the specific weight of the wood, usually based on a board foot weight, then you could calculate how many board feet are in the piece of 12x12 you want to weigh. To get the board foot amount you would use this formula Thickness"*Width"*Length'/12 = Board Foot. So my piece listed above would be 96 board feet. Now that you know how much wood you want the weight of, you need to determine the moisture content, and also the wood species.

How much for 4.2 meters of timber a 5 per meter?


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