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a walker travels 10 feet in 6 seconds we need to know how many feet this walker can traval in ONE minute. you mutiply 10 on 6 seconds to make 60 seconds, and also mutiply 10 on 10 feet so this walker will travel 100 feet in 60 seconds (60seconds = 1 minute) Answer will be 100 feet per minute...

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Q: A walker travels 10 feet in 6 seconds what is the rate in feet per minute?
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A car moving at a constant speed travels 88 feet in 2 seconds How many feet does it travel in one minute?

30 times as much, since a minute has 60 seconds.

A biker travels 5 feet in .5 seconds. At this exact speed how far will the biker travel in 1 minute?

600 feet.

If a vehicle travels one hundred feet in five seconds how fast is it traveling in miles per hour?

13.636 miles per hour. 100 feet in 5 seconds = 1200 feet in 60 seconds (1 minute) 1200 feet in 1 minute = 7200 feet in 60 minutes (1 hour) 5280 feet in one mile. Therefore, 7200 feet divided by 5280 feet = 13.636 miles here hour

If an object travels 66 inches per minute how many feet does it travel per minute?

5.5 feet per minute.

How do you calculate how fast a object travels?

An example: A football travels at A speed unknown. Measure A distance for travel. Throw the ball and time it with A stopwatch. Take the feet and devide by seconds. 100feet, for 8seconds = 12.5 feet/per second. multiply 12.5 (feet) by 60 (seconds in A minute) =750 feet/per minute multiply 750 (feet) by 60 (minutes in an hour) = 45,000 feet/per hour. Divide 45,000 (feet) by 5,280 (feet in A mile) = 8.522 Miles/per hour This will work for any measuring scale, You just need to know all the different measurement steps. I.E. - feet in A mile, seconds in A minute, minutes in an hour. ECT.

What is the speed of a car that travels 570 feet in a minute?

570 feet in a minute is the same as 6.48 miles per hour.

Sound travels at 1100 feet per second How many feet per minute does it travel?

1,100 feet per second = 66,000 feet per minute

In 2 seconds at 30 mph what is distance in feet?

At 30 mph, an object travels about 102.66 feet in two seconds.

A model airplane flies 18 Feet in 3 seconds. What is it's speed in feet per minute?

360 feet per minute.

What travels 11 feet per minute?

Anything that travels 660 miles per hour, such as a jet aircraft.

65 meters per minute equals how many seconds for 8450 feet?

2,377.44 seconds to travel 8,450 feet.

What animal travels two feet or two feet a minute and is one of the slowest creatures on earth?