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Yes because all parallelograms have four sides.

But the opposite is not true. There are some quadrilaterals that aren't parallelograms.

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Q: Are all parallelograms quadrilaterals
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Is all parrallelograms are quadrilaterals?

All parallelograms are quadrilaterals but all quadrilaterals are not necessarily parallelograms

Are some parallelograms quadrilaterals?

All 4 sided parallelograms are quadrilaterals.

Are quadrilaterals parallelograms?

Quadrilateral can certainly be parallelograms, but they can also be squares, rectangles, and other 4-sided shapes.All parallelograms are quadrilaterals but not all quadrilaterals are parallelograms.

Is quadrilateral a parallelogram?

Not necessarily. All parallelograms are quadrilaterals but not all quadrilaterals are parallelograms. Parallelograms are more specific instances of quadrilaterals. Its like saying all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares.

All rectangles are?

parallelograms and,or quadrilaterals

Is a parallelogram a quadrilateral?

Yes, a parallelogram has four sides, making it a quadrilateral. All parallelograms are quadrilaterals, but not all quadrilaterals are parallelograms.

Are all parallelograms guadrilaterals?

Yes all parallelograms are 4 sided quadrilaterals.

Are all parallelograms quadrilles?

All parallelograms are in the class of 4 sided quadrilaterals.

Are all quadrilateral parallelagrams?

No but all 4 sided polygons are quadrilaterals which includes 4 sided parallelograms.

All quadrilaterals are parallelograms?

Some are, and some are not. A parallelogram is a special kind of quadrilateral ... one in which every side is parallel to the one across from it. So all parallelograms are quadrilaterals, but there are also a lot of other quadrilaterals that are not parallelograms.

What quadrilaterals have diagonals that bisect?

All parallelograms.

Which quadrilaterals have all the properties of a parallelogram?


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