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find the selling price of an article costing Rs.30.00,that was sold at a profit of 15% of the cost price

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Q: Find the selling price of an article costing rs.30that was sold at a profit of 15 percent of the cost price?
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By selling an article at a loss of 7 percent a dealer loses Rs 42 What is the cost price of the article?


Profit earned by selling an article for Ra 1060 is 20 percent more than the loss incurred by selling the article for Rs 950 At what price should be article be sold to earn 20 percent profit?

Profit = 20% of loss ð 1060 - C.P. = 120/100 (C.P. - 950) ð C.P. = 1000 ð S.P. = 120/100 x 1000 ð 1200 ans.

What is the difference between target costing and cost-plus pricing?

Target Costing: It is the costing process in which company tries to reduces all costs of product to limit the selling price at specific targeted selling price. Cost Plus pricing: It is pricing method in which company uses all costs plus certain percentage of that cost as a profit margin to set selling price.

Are selling and administrative expenses treated as product costs or as period costs under variable costing?

Period Costs.

What is the selling price if it cost 15 and the percent of markup is 15?

The selling price would be 17.25 if it cost 15 and the percent of markup is 15.

How do you compute for the selling price of goods?

give a product a15 percent of selling price

How do you find the percent of markup?

(Selling Price - Cost price)/Selling Price * 100

Under variable costing variable selling and administrative costs are included in product costs?

No. They are not.they are part of period costs.

How maths is used in tailoring?

Its used in the ordering of matrials, costing of materials, costing of selling the garments, its used n the measuring and marking of the garment patterns, and in the stitches per inch, the quantities of garments from a specific pattern.

How to markup 200 percent?

Treble (not double) the cost. Mark up is the increase ADDED to the cost. So, to an item costing 10 currency units, you need to ADD 200% of that - or 20 currency units. That makes the selling price 30 units.

Find the selling price of an item listed at 400 subject to a discounted series 25 percent 10 percent and 5 percent?

find the selling price of an item listed at $400 subject to a discounted series 25 percent 10 percent and 5 percent

What is 100 percent markup?

Selling for double what you paid for it.

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