Aryabhatta's quadratic formula's

Updated: 4/28/2022
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aryabhatt's quadratic formula

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Q: Aryabhatta's quadratic formula's
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How do you solve quadratic formulas?


What formulas do architects use?

quadratic formula

What does quadratic formulas look like?

ax2 +bx + c To find roots of any quadratic equation. X = - b (+/-) sqrt(b2 - 4ac)/2a

Do you have any other examples of real life applications of quadratic formulas?

you need it in carpentry

How do engineers use the quadratic formula?

In problems of motion, especially involving constant acceleration, a quadratic equation will from the formulas of motion to solve for time, usually. This is just one example.

What is the quadradic radical equation?

is this what you were looking for? there are many different types of quadratic formulas-- -b √ b^2 - 4ac = x (over) 2a

Does an accounting job use quadratic formulas?

Probably not. Accounting doesn't use much math beyond basic additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions.

What is the history of quadratic equations?

at first the first person to solve the quadratic equation is from the middle kingdom of Egypt. Greeks were also able to solve the quadratic equation but that was on the unproper way. Greeks were able to solve the quadratic equation by geometric method or equlid's method. equlid's method contains only three quadratic equation. dipohantus have also solved the quadratic equations but he have solved by giving only two roots any they both were only of positive signs.After that arbhatya also gave the two formulas for quadratic equation but the bentaguptahave only accepted only one of them after theat some of the Indian mathematican have also solved the quadratic equation who gave the proper definations and formula and in this way quadratic equation have been formed. Prabesh Regmi Kanjirowa National School

Explain the conditions under which a quadratic equation can be solved using simple rearrangement versus using the quadratic formula?

The quadratic formula always works (as long as one considers complex numbers). "Simple rearrangement" may be quicker when the numbers look simple enough for you to decide (or rather guess) what the factors/ roots are by inspection (but the "rearrangement" method still works -- the numbers may just be more complicated). Probably the easiest quadratic is when the coefficient of x is zero (i.e. a polynomial of the form ax^2+b=0) or when there is no constant term (i.e. ax^2+bx=0) The quadratic formula cannot be used to solve an equation if a term in the equation has a degree higher than 2 (or if it can't be put in the form ax^2+bx+c=0). There are other more complex formulas for polynomials for degree 3 and 4.

How are parabolas used in real life?

Parabolas are used in real life in light reflectors on cars to create a concentrated beam of intense light. Braking distance and stopping distance are quadratic formulas so their graphs are parabolas. A ball in motion in space has a path of a parabola.

Where in Excel 2007 is the function categories stored?

On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.On the formulas ribbon.

What are the important formulas in quadratic equations?

15 degreeslook it up on googleHere are the important formulas in quadratic equations, in standard form ax^2 + bx + c = 0, that you need to know and remember:1. The sum of the 2 real roots: x1 + x2 = -b/a(1)2. The product of the 2 real roots: x1.x2 = c/a(2)3. The Discriminant D = b^2 - 4ac (3)4. The quadratic formulax1 = -b/2a + squareroot of D/2a, and x2 = -b/2a- squareroot of D/2a (4)NOTE. There is an improved quadratic formula, called the quadratic formula in graphic form, that you need to know. (Amazon e-book 2010)The 2 real roots of a quadratic equation are given by this formula:x1 = -b/2a + d/2a ; and x2 = -b/2a - d/2a(1)In this formula:The quantity (-b/2a) represent the x-coordinate of the parabola axis.The quantities (d/2a) and (-d/2a) represent the 2 distances from the parabola axis to the two x-intercepts of the parabola.The quantity (d) can be zero, a number (real or radical), or imaginary that will translate into a double root, 2 real roots, or no real roots.This formula is simpler and easier to remember since we can relate it to the two x-intercepts of the parabola graph.The quantity (d) can be compute from the relation:d^2 = b^2 - 4ac (2)This relation (2) can be easily obtained by writing that the product of the 2 real roots is equal to (c/a). To solve a quadratic equation, first find (d) from the relation (2), then compute the 2 real roots by the formula (1).