Can parallel lines be curved

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The usual definition is that the lines should be straight. On "alternative geometries", other definitions may be used. For example, on a sphere, the large circles (the largest you can make, whose center is the center of the sphere) replace straight lines. Note that in this case, the normal parallel axiom is no longer valid.

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Q: Can parallel lines be curved
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Does a oval have parallel lines?

No. An oval consists of curved lines.

How capacitor is denoted?

2 parallel lines. sometimes one line is curved, if so that is the outside or "shield" foil.. ANSWER : A curved parallel line define a less positive terminals of the two lines. capacitors do not have shields

Are magnetic field lines perpendicular to magnets?

Magnetic field lines are usually depicted as curved lines extending away from the source. They are neither parallel or perpendicular (though they appear more parallel than perpendicular).

How many curved lines does a oval have?

An ellipse has just one. An oval can also refer to a circle that has been stretched by inserting two parallel straight sections - as in a running track. In such cases, it has two curved lines.

Different types of lines in mathematics?

Different types of lines are :parallel lines, intersecting lines, perpendicular lines,oblique lines, vertical lines, horizontal lines, zigzag lines, curved lines ,wavy lines, and dashed or dotted lines.

What are the curved lines?

Lines that is curved. E.G the outline of a circle.

How many parallel lines in a cylinder 2?

A cylinder includes an infinite number of parallel lines. Every line in the curved surface is parallel to every other one and perpendicular to the two ends. . "A cylinder 2" is meaningless. You would have to look at the homework you're trying to get the answer for to see what cylinder 2 means.

Are curved lines wavy lines?

Multiple curves, or arcs, comprise a wave which generally consists of a crest (high point) and a trough (low point). So generally speaking, a wavy line would be two or more curved lines that are connected.

When are two lines nonintersecting?

When two lines are parallel, then they do not intersect.

Are parallel lines actually parallel?

If they were not actually parallel then they would not be parallel lines!

What is the symbol of non-polar capacitors?

Two straight parallel lines. One straight, and one curved is often used to denote a polarized capacitor.

Does a rectangle have parallel lines?

no parallel lines