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No. Probability values always have to be positive.

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Q: Can probability values be negative
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What are beta values?

The probability that a statistical that will give give a false negative error.

What are not a possible value for a probability?

Negative values, values greater than 1, complex values.

Is negative 49 a probability?

No, it's not a probability since it's not set in terms of ratio of two values, such that the second value is greater than the first. For instance: 1 to 2 or 1 / 2. Also, probability is never negative.

Are the probability values always greater than or equal to 0 or less than or equal to 1 or all positive numbers?

Probability values are never negative and are always between 0-1 according to the definition Probability of A= Number of outcomes classified as A/Total number of possible outcomes

Can -0.51 be a probability?

No. The probability cannot be negative.

Can probability be negative?

No, it can't.

Does a negative z score yield a negative probability value?

no, z score can be negative but a probability is a always positive between 0 and 1.

What is the significance of negative values of voltage and current?

What is the significance of negative values of voltage and current?Negative values show direction and that is the significance

Can Probabilities take on negative values only when the events are occurring less than 50 percent of the time?

Probabilities can never be negative. A probability distribution is defined as follows:Every event has a probability of occurring between 0 and 1, inclusive.The sum of the probabilities of each event occurring is 1.

Can a probability of some event be negative?


What are the negative Filipino values?

There are negative values associated with any culture. A few negative values the Filipinos are said to have are; inconsiderate, thoughtless, racist and laziness.

Can the expected value of a discrete probability distribution be negative?

Yes it can be negative.

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