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Q: Can the letters be written in any order for a line or a line segment?
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What three capital letters can be written by drawing two parallel line segments and then one line segment that is parpendicular to the line segments you already drew?

C. I. H. F.

Is line segment AB the same as line segment BA?

Yes, while naming a line segment, as long as the two points are on the line, it does not matter what order they are in or which points they are. well their not

What is order of rotation of a line segment?


What letters of the alphabet consist of only a line segment perpendicular to a pair of parallel line segments?

The letter - H

How do you name segments in a triangle?

Usually a line segment in a triangle is either assigned a letter, or is referred to by the letters at the end of the segment with a line overhead. For instance, if you have a triangle ABC, you'll have segments AB, AC, and BC. And there would be a line over each segment name.

What are all of the types of line segments?

Line segment AI, line segment BG, line segment GH and line segment CE

Is a line longer than a line segment?

A line extends forever into space and a line segment is a segment or part of a line, so a line is longer than a line segment.

Is railroad a line or line segment?

line segment

How are a line and a line segment are different?

a line can be indefinitely extended but a line segment is a part. a line segment cannot be extended:)

A line segment connecting two vertices of a polygon is called?

8 letters that's all I know

What is the definition of line segment?

a closed interval corresponding to a finte portion of an infinite line.They are labeled with two letters.

What is a segment bisect?

Bisect a segment is to divide the line segment into 2