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No, it is impossible to do so for the fact that you cannot take colours from eachother or favourite ice-creams from eachother.

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Q: Can you find range with categorical data?
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Can you find range for categorical data?

No you can't

Can the range be used to describe both categorical and numerical data?

yes because if you have categorical data you need the range for the value of the numbers so it would be the same for numerical data

How do you find the mode in categorical data?

most occuring

Can the median be used to describe both categorical data and numerical data?

Can the median and mode be used to describe both categorical data and numerical data

What is categorical data?

Categorical data is the statistical data type consisting of categorical variables or of data that has been converted into that form, for example as grouped data.

Can you find the mode only for categorical data?

Yes, the mode is the "most popular" score of an array. It is possible to find the mode for categorical data that has more than 2 responses to the question.

What graphs are used for categorical data?

The graph that is most used for categorical data is the pie chart. Bar graphs have also been used for categorical data.

What does categorical data vary mean?

Categorical data varies when there are a variety of different categories.

What type of graphs use categorical data?

bar graphs use categorical data

Is shoe size categorical data?


Can the median be used to descibe both numerical data and categorical data?

It can be used to describe continuous or discreet data but not categorical or ordered data, unless that data is also numercal which is very unlikely

What is the type of data that involves numbers?

categorical is a data with numbers for example a table graph ! for 1st place and 2nd place its categorical !