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Remember when taking the square root of a number, that there is the positive answer, but also there is a negative numbert answer. An example is the square root of 49 can be either 7 or negative seven, because when you multiply negative seven times itself, you get forty nine.

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Q: Can you give a mathematical sentence with square root?
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Can you give a sentence using square root?

That stump had a big fat square root and had to be dug out.

What is 3 and the square root of -27?

-27 does not have a square root. The mathematical expression for the square root of-1 is i.

What does the mathematical term perfect square mean?

The mathematical term 'perfect square' means that a number, which has a rational number as its square root. 25 is a perfect square, because its square root is 5, a rational number.

What is the square root of helium?

Square root is a mathematical function whose argument needs to be a mathematical quantity or expression. Since helium is neither a mathematical quantity nor an expression, the question makes no sense.

What is the square root of minus 9?

square root(minus 9) = 3 ior in correct mathematical notation it is (+,-)i_square root(9)

What is the mathematical name for a number whose square root is a prime number?

a prime square

What is the mathematical definition of surd?

An irrational number such as the square root of 2

What is the difference between a cross route and a square root?

A cross route is a road or journey plan. A square root is a mathematical number!

Can negative numbers have a square root?

Yes, but they are imaginary - but are needed in many mathematical calculations. The square root of negative 1 is indicated as the letter "i".

What is the Square root of 156?

13, is not the square root of 156, but the best i can give you is that 13 is the square root of 169 and 14 is the square root of 196.

Is there a formula for square root?

Unfortunately, no. If there were, it would make our mathematical lives easier.

Mathematical symbol used to indicate the extraction of a square root?

Radical Sign

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