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There are 83 coins. If there are N nickels then there are (83 - N) dimes.

Davida has nickels worth 5N and dimes worth 10(83 - N) but.

5N + 10(83 - N) = 695

5N + 830 - 10N = 695

5N = 830 -695 = 135 therefore N = 135/5 = 27 : D = 83 - N = 83 - 27 = 56

Davida has 27 nickels and 56 dimes.

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2010-01-25 21:15:07
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Q: Davida has 83 coins in nickels and dimes she has a total of 6.95 How many of each coin dose she have?
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How many dimes and nickels equals 1.75 there are 25 coins total?

Ten dimes, fifteen nickels

Nick has 35 coins consisting of dimes and nickels If the value of the coins is 3.10 then how many dimes does he have?

he has 27 dimes. to add on, he has 8 nickels to make your total of 3.10

150 total coins of dimes and nickels 70 more nickels than dimes?

110 nickels and 40 dimes my little brother had the same problem

Jimmy had 15 coins in his pocket they were dimes and nickels the total value of the coins was 1.30 how many dimes did he have in his pocket?

11 dimes.

A bag contains 9 quarters 4 dimes and 12 nickels. What percent of the coins are dimes?

16 % of the coins are dimes. 4 of a total of 25.

Ms Lynch has 21 coins in nickels and dimes Their total value is 1.65 How many of each coin does she have?

ms lynch has 21 coins in nickels and dimes. their total value is 1.65. how many of each coin does she have

Sal keeps quarters nickels and dimes in his change jar He has a total of 52 coins He has three more quarters than dimes and five fewer nickels than dimes How many dimes does Sal have?


How do you make 1.00 in 3 ways only using nickels dimes and quarters if there have to be 12 coins total?

10 Nickels 2 Quarters = $1.00 4 Dimes 7 Nickels 1 Quarter = $1.00 8 Dimes 4 Nickels = $1.00

The coins in the store's cash register total 12.50 The cash register contains only nickels dimes and quarters There are twice as many dimes as nickels There are also twice as many quarters as di?

The coins in the store's cash register total $12.50. The cash register contains only nickels, dimes, and quarters. There are twice as many dimes as nickels. There are also twice as many quarters as dimes. How many quarters are in the cash register?

Anthony has 10 coins consisting of dimes nickels and pennies Total value is 62 cents what coins does Anthony have?

Tjats a pretty simple question. Anthony has. 2 pennies, 4 dimes, and 4 nickels

What 25 coins total to 1dollar?

7 dimes, 3 nickels and 15 pennies. You're welcome.

How do you change a dollar bill into 14 coins?

There are several combinations of 14 US coins which total 1 Dollar. Among them are: - 6 Dimes and 8 Nickels. - 1 Quarter, 6 Dimes, 2 Nickels and 5 Pennies. - 2 Quarters, 2 Dimes, 5 Nickels and 5 Pennies.

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