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It depends on your ruler and what units are on your ruler. To measure to the nearest inch just find the inch measurement and round up or down to get to the nearest inch in your measurement is between two whole numbers.

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2011-03-17 19:18:17
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Q: Describe how to use a ruler to measure to the nearest inch?
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How do you use a ruler to measure the nearest inch?

you need an object to measure to determine the nearest inch

How you use a ruler and measure it to the nearest inch?

if your question is explain how to use a ruler to measure to the nearest inch the answer would have to see what inch is the object your measuring to closest to

What is the measure of a line to the nearest one eighth of an inch in a ruler?

The answer will depend on the line!

What is the length of the segment to the nearest inch?

Sorry, I can't quite measure it from here. I guess you'll have to get a ruler and measure it yourself.

What is the scale using a ruler of the distance between the distance from denver to Lincoln measure to the nearest 14 inch?


What can you measure in an inch?

with a ruler

What minimum distance could a non-metric ruler(inch ruler) measure?

Some are designed to measure 1/32 inch but that is not easy.

Is it more accurate to measure to the nearest inch half inch or inch?

half inch

What is used to measure length or distance?

a metric ruler, meter-stick, centimeter ruler, and inch ruler are all used to measure length or distance

How do you measure something in yards if you only have a 12 inch ruler?

1 yard = 36 inches = 3 times the 12 inch ruler.

How can you explain to your child how to use a ruler to measure an inch?

teach our child where the one is on the inch side

What is the smallest unit of measure on the inch ruler?

1/16 of an inch. any smaller and the lines start to blur and make the ruler unusable.Answer:A machinists ruler may be divided into units of 1/64 th of an inch.

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