Dimension of a square

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Squares have two dimensions - length and width. Two dimensional figures are things like squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles, which have length and width.

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Q: Dimension of a square
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Calculate the dimension of a square with 441m2?


What is the diagonal dimension of an 8 foot by 8 foot square?

The diagonal dimension is 11.31 feet.

Does a square have volume?

No because volume involves multiplying by a value on the 3rd dimension, and since the length on the 3rd dimension is 0 a square's volume is 0.

What is the dimension of a square that has 4380 square yards?

About 66.19 yards by 66.19 yards.

What is the dimension of weight?

as weight(w)=mg,therefore dimension of wight is ML PER T SQUARE

What is the linear dimension of a 25cm2 square?


Formula for 3D dimension to square meter?

what is the formula for finding a 3 dimensional square

What is the Linear Dimension for a square with 16cm2?

The area of a square is 16 cm2 What are the linear dimensions

How do you find the area of a square with the perimeter?

A square has all 4 of its perimeter lengths equal. Thus the length of the perimeter divided by 4 will give you the 'unitary' dimension. Multiply this 'unitary' dimension by itself (square it) and the result is the area of the square in question.

Why do you have to put a square sign after the area?

Because the units of area have dimension 2 - as in square centimetres or square feet.

What is dimension of its area?

Area has the dimension of (length)2. So square feet, square yards, square miles, square meters, square centimeters; are all units describing an area. A hectare is an area unit equal to 10000 square meters, and an acre is an area unit equal to 43560 square feet.

What were the dimension of a first class room square meters?