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21 / 520: quotient = 0, remainder = 21

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Q: Divide Give the quotient and remainder of 21 divided by 520?
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What number divided by six will give a quotient of eight and a remainder of five?


What is 6116 divided by 282 with a remainder?


What is the answer to division problems?

A division is a dividend divided by the divisor to give the quotient; this is written as:quotient = dividend ÷ divisorA division can also be expressed as the divisor divided into a dividend to give the quotient; this is written as:................. quotient.............. ------------divisor | dividendThe quotient can be just the whole part of the result of the division, in which case there may also be a remainder.

When you divide a number by 8 can the remainder be 7 Explain Give an example to support your answer?

Yes, you can divide a number by 8 and get a remainder of 7. Example: 15 divided by 8 is 1 remainder 7.

Is 332 an odd number?

No. It is an even number, because it is divisible by 2. "Odd" numbers give you a non-zero remainder after you divide by 2. "Even" numbers give you a remainder of 0, after you divide by 2. 332 divided by 2 is 166 with a remainder of 0, so it is "even". But 333 divided by two is 166 with a remainder of 1, so it is "odd".

Is 100 divisible by 2 3 4 5 6 9 or 10?

Yes, 2,4,5,10 will divide 100 evenly 3,6,9 will give you a quotient and remainder

What are the two numbers that give you the quotient?

the dividend divided by the divisor gives you the quotient explain

How do you estimate the quotient 21.9 divide 3?

It is easy enough to divide by 3, to give the exact quotient as 7.3

If couch is inches what is it in length in feet and inches?

As there are 12 inches in 1 foot, divide the length in inches by 12 to give a whole number quotient and remainder; the quotient is the number of feet and the remainder is the number of inches. eg if the couch was 80 inches long, then: 80 ÷ 12 = 6 r 8 (since 6 × 12 + 8 = 72 + 8 = 80) → 80 inches = 6 ft 8 in.

What is the proper fraction of nineteen fifths?

19/5 = 34/5 To convert an improper (top heavy) fraction to a mixed number divide the numerator (top) by the denominator (bottom) to give a quotient (result) and remainder. Write the whole number quotient next to the remainder over the denominator. 19 ÷ 5 = 3 remainder 4 ⇒ 19/5 = 34/5

What s the name for the number that's being divided in a division problem?

The dividend is divided by the divisor to give the quotient. Alternatively, this can be expressed as: The divisor divides into the dividend to give the quotient.

Give the remainder of 1035 divided by 88?

1035 divided by 88 is 11 with remainder 67