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no, if you took a hexagon and squashed it down the inside angles would grow and the outside angles would shrink.

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Q: Do all angles in a hexagon have to be the same?
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What is an irregular hexagon?

A regular hexagon is a polygon with six sides where all six angles have the same measurement. (And all six sides have the same length.) If the angles of a hexagon do not all have the same measurement, or if the sides are not all of the same length, then the hexagon is irregular.

Why is the regular hexagon called a regular hexagon?

Because all the sides are the same length and all the angles are the same.

How many angles is in a hexgon?

there are six angles in a hexagon. In a regular hexagon (all of the angles are the same size) they each measure 120 degrees

What is a equilateral hexagon?

It is a hexagon all of whose sides are of equal measure. Note that it need not be a regular hexagon since the angles need not be equal (in the same way that a rhombus has four equal sides but its angles are not all the same).

What is the Measurement of the interior angles of a hexagon?

The interior angles of a regular hexagon measure 120° A regular hexagon has all sides the same length and all angles are equal.

I have excatly six angles and all of my sides same length. What am I?

its a Hexagon!

Why does a hexagon have all the same size of angles?

because , since each angle measures the same then all of th angles are the same size :p

Which regular polygon has angles measuring 120 degrees and why?

its a hexagon, a regular hexagon has 6 angles that are all the same, when added all together they equal 720 degrees :D

What describes a regular hexagon?

All sides and angles are equal the same length

What is a six sided shape with all angles and sides the same size?


How many acute angles are in a hexagon?

None. Though there can be ten if the hexagons are concave hexagons.

Can a hexagon be irregular?

Yes, a hexagon can be irregular.A regular hexagon has all 6 sides of equal lengths, and all internal angles of 120 degrees.An irregular hexagon is any hexagon that is not regular (all 6 sides are not the same length in an irregular hexagon.)