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None. Though there can be ten if the hexagons are concave hexagons.

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A hexagon has NO acute angles all the angles are obtuse on a hexagon.

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there are none acute angles in a hexagon, all obtuse, all six angles are obtuse none are acute or right angle

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Q: How many acute angles are in a hexagon?
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How many acute angles does a hexagon have?

A regular six-sided hexagon has no interior acute angles, but it does have six interior obtuse angles, each measuring 120 degrees

How many right acute and obtuse angles does a hexagon have?

If it is a 'regular' hexagon, then all angles are congruent, and all are obtuse.

Does a hexagon have two acute and obtuse angles?

well a hexagon has 180 degrees so no all acute angles

Are the Hexagon angles acute or obtuse or right?

Obtuse angles.Another Answer:-If it is a regular hexagon then the interior angles are obtuse and the exterior angles are acute which are 120 and 60 degrees respectively

Does a regular hexagon have acute angles?

No. All interior angles of the regular hexagon are 120 degrees. The only regular polygon with acute angles is the equilateral triangle (60 degrees)

Does a hexagon have acute angles?

Regular hexagons have all obtuse angles

How would you describe a hexagon?

you can describe the hexagon by: how many acute angles, obtuse angles, and reflex angles cancave polygon or convex polygon how many sides does it have irregular no line of symmetry or line of symmetry

Can you make a convex hexagon with 5 acute angles?


How many numbers of acute angles does a regular hexagon have?

It has 3 acute angles. You can do this by multiplying however many sides it has by 2. I think this works. Try it with different shapes! Hope this helps!

Are the angles on a hexagon acute obtuse or right?


What shape has 6 sides 4 acute angles and 2 reflex angles?


Trueorfalse can a hexagon have 2 acute and 4 obtuse angles?